We receive many requests for a catalog and for information on our products. Please allow us to answer most common questions.
Q: What about size and color?
A: The size and color can be changed according to your requirements or according to the size in our webpage.
Q: How long does it take to set up?
A: 5-15 minutes on average.
Q: How doe’s the Tent stay inflated?
A: A small blower is used to maintain cabin pressure.
Q: Does the blower have to be running constantly?
A: No, we can make the tent Air tight as well, but you need fresh air periodically.
Q: Is the blower compliant?
A: Yes, it is CE& UL certified
Q: How much energy is required to run it?
A: The blower draws very little energy, equivalent to a house hold appliance.
Q: What about air quality?
A: With the blower running the total volume of air is replaced 6-7 times per hour.
Q: Do the windows fog?
A: The constant flow of air maintains a confortable climate and no condensation forms.
Q: Will the sun effect the inflatable tent?
A: Over extensive periods of time the sun will damage anything, but with periodic use and proper maintenance your tent hut will last for years.
Q: Can I design my own inflatable tent?
A: We have been manufacturing all types of inflatable for years and we can build anything you can imagine!
Q: Can I add logo’s?
A: We can add any graphics to the tents, cabins and domes.
Q: Do you have 110V & 220V?
A: Yes, we offer blowers for the European market as well as the US.
Q: Do they make a good rental business?
A: The inflatable tents, cabins and huts are becoming more popular with the eco-tourism/ making the transparent Star Gazer bubble tents a great rental business opportunity.
Q: What other uses are they good for?
A: We have had customers use the inflatable office suite for meetings, product showcases, inflatable snow globes with Santa Claus scenes. Auto dealers have also used them to showcase their new.
Q: Are the inflatable tents suitable for harsh weather?
A: Yes, the inflatable tents provide a protective buffer between you and the harsh elements and are suitable for all four seasons.
Q: 11.How do you start the order?
A: We will start your order after receiving the down payment which is 50% of total payment. When order finished, we will email you the digital photo for your confirmation. We will send the goods to you after receiving the balance payment.If the order is urgent, you’d better pay 100% in advance.
Q: Producing time?
A: Our regular producing time for 1pcs inflatable tent is 6-15 days, excluding air transit time, from the date of confirmation. However, it can be +/- depending on the design and the dimensions.
Q: Shipping?
A: Can be delivery by air or by sea. The approximate transit time by air is 5 business days maximum and by sea 15-30 days. The shipping costs may be about USD200.00 for 1pcs of tents. If you order more, the shipping cost for 1pcs will be lower than USD200.00. Air charge is different for different country.


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